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Something to be thankful for

Have you ever thought about what Adam must have felt like, what he probably did, when he first became a ‘living soul’? Imagine the curiosity, the excitement, the wonder that raced through him as he looked around for the first time!

Can you imagine how he turned to God and said, “What is that?!? And that? And … ohhh, what is this?”
I imagine God laughed, standing there by his side, and said, “What do you want to call it?”
Can you imagine the sheer JOY that Adam and God shared as they wandered the garden together, talking and sharing?
* * *
Can you imagine how Adam felt when he lost all that joy? When his choice left him and Eve feeling naked and alone?
Can you imagine how sad God felt to lose that fellowship? To no longer have the option of wandering arm-in-arm through His creation with someone who could enter into His feelings about it, understand His thoughts about it and life? To no longer have fellowship with the ones He created all this for?
* * *
No wonder Jesus gladly gave up His place with the Father to come save us and restore us to fellowship with Him!
No wonder He did EVERYTHING necessary not just to release us from the bondage of sin, but to set us free from all its consequences as well!
No wonder He wrestled the keys of death and hell away from satan, and prepared a place for us with Himself and Father!

* * *

As you prepare to spend the next week with friends and family, gathering around the turkey and the TV, may you get a glimpse of this relationship with you that He gave His all to restore.
As you share the bounty He has blessed you with, may you draw closer to Him, and to your loved ones.
And may His joy and love fill your hearts, souls, minds, relationships, and even bodies over the next days and weeks, as you prepare to remember the birth of the One who came to restore us to fellowship with God!


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