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God IS good!

In my last post, I was whining about Christmas, and how hard it is to be alone for the holidays. And Father God, in His infinite love, gave me the best Christmas I’ve had in over a dozen years!

I received handmade presents from three of my grandchildren, and a couple other gifts I wasn’t expecting.

I spent Christmas Day with family, there were no disagreements, and I didn’t have to cook!

It was a great Christmas!

* * *

So what did I learn?

That when I trust Him, He gives me more than I expect.

That He cares about me enough to have planned blessings for me even while I was whining.

That as long as you have a relationship with God, you are never really alone.

And I learned to have more compassion for single parents, and those who are alone over the holidays.

* * *

So, yes, God is good! and He cares!

And He delights in showing us His love and care whenever we allow Him to.

* * *

As we head into a new year, may you be blessed with an ever-increasing knowing that He is good, and that He loves you.

May you have more compassion for those around you who may be hurting in ways you cannot see.

And may Holy Spirit show you how to share God’s love with those around you in ways they can ‘get’.


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