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We hear this word now and then, but what does it really mean?

‘He left a lasting legacy’ often eulogizes dead politicians and wealthy people, referring to the changes they made in society, or their contributions to charitable foundations.

But did you know that you are creating your children’s legacy every day?

Legacy refers not only to the wealth we leave for our descendants, or what we do to affect or change society, it refers to whatever we leave for our children.

We leave emotional and spiritual legacies far more often than we leave financial ones.


If you’ve been in church for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the scripture verses about the sins of the fathers being passed down to the nth generation. And that’s certainly true. Whatever habits we establish, whatever sins we become slaves to, whatever lies we believe about God will get passed down to our children and to their children, and theirs, etc.

But the opposite is also true! (Thank God!!) Whatever truths we embrace, whatever habits we cultivate, whatever virtues we live, will get passed down as well.

And this works across all the facets! Good habits of physical health get passed down. Bad habits regarding the saving or spending of money get passed down. Habits of hiding your emotions, or allowing them to spew out over everyone in sight, get passed down too. Relationship patterns are handed down, and many other beliefs, patterns and behaviors.


Our culture encourages us to think only about ourselves, and only as far as next year’s vacation. So, few of us deliberately set out to create a legacy for our children. We’re too busy ‘spending their inheritance’ (to quote a bumper sticker). I don’t mean we are spending money that could be invested in their future (although that might certainly be a part of it). What we are doing is spending our energy and time in ways and on things that create a poor future for them.

How much time do we invest each day in our children’s future? Do we listen to their worries, dreams, ideas, concerns? Do we teach them what we know about money, cooking,  yard work, or getting along with others? Are we showing them how to have a relationship with God, and with a spouse?

Truthfully, you are building all those things every day, whether you spend time at them or not. Even the ignoring of certain elements of life builds a foundation in children.

What are you creating as the legacy your children will build their lives on?


Recently, Father God has been showing me the legacy I received from my parents. There was no money, no stocks or real estate, left to me, but my parents’ legacy to me is better than I thought. The core value of giving that my Mom instilled is so strong that I can’t stand not being able to give. The practical stuff they taught me about how to use tools, fix things, figure out how to do something, is invaluable. The entrepreneurship that my Dad exhibited by selling stuff at the flea market every weekend for several years is actually already being built on by my children. So many things they laid down for me to use!

And yes, we’ve spent quite some time looking at the negative things they laid down, too. Poverty thinking, bad spending patterns, worth issues, have all come under God’s hands to be restored, repaired, changed, or tossed out.

The really cool thing is that, as I get free of the bad parts of my legacy, my children are set free too! In fact, I’ve learned to specifically pray for these things to be changed in me, my children, their children, and theirs, all the way to the end of history. And I see change in them almost immediately in many areas!

My children are all grown, so don’t think it’s too late to change the legacy you are leaving them. If you ask Father God to show you ways to improve that legacy, He will!


As we enter this new year, this new decade, may you take the time to examine the legacy you are leaving for your children and their children.

May Father God reveal to you what needs to be changed, what doesn’t, and how you can begin to deliberately lay a good foundation for your family’s future in every facet.

May this be the year you build with gold and precious gems, rather than ‘wood, hay and stubble’.


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Not only does Father God want us to know Him in as many of His facets as possible, but He also wants us to know Him in as many of our facets as possible. He wants your mind to know Him, your heart, your emotions, your body. That’s why He provided healing. That’s why we study the Bible. That’s why we spend time in worship. Each of those addresses a different facet, drawing it closer to God.


The church has long taught that the only part of you that needs, or is even able, to have a relationship with God is your spirit. But if that’s true, why do we have bodies or minds?  This is another of those teachings that is subtly used by our enemy to help us believe that parts of us are  unloveable or unneeded, can be neglected or even abused.

We were created as physical/mental/emotional/spiritual beings. He wants our spirits to know Him, yes, but don’t you think He wants to know and love each part of us?

Why do you think Jesus bore the beating that left His back in ribbons? Scripture says that was for our healing. (Isa. 53:5, I Peter 2:24) So obviously, He wants our bodies to know Him: to know His wholeness, peace and love.

He also wants our minds to know Him. That’s why He gave them to us. Why He wants us to use them. Start with studying scripture, but don’t stop there. Becoming His child does not mean you shut off your brain! The world is so full of amazing things, and every one of them can tell you more about our God, if you pay attention. So don’t be afraid of knowledge, even science. True science, studied without prejudice, will reveal God as creator over and over and over again.

And your emotions – also created by Him. After all, we were created in His image, and the Bible is full of God expressing His emotions. We can’t let them rule us, but when we learn to know Him with our emotions (worship is good for this) then they are healed as well, and we find out how to express them without them controlling us.


One of the reasons why we don’t ‘get saved’ and immediately go to heaven is probably this one – we need to learn to know Him in all these facets (of us and of Him). That takes time, and yes, we’ll have all eternity to know Him, but some things we apparently learn better when we have to work at them or fight for them. So Father God, in His infinite wisdom, created this whole universe so that we could learn to know Him. He allowed evil to take over, so that we might learn to recognize it, see and experience His goodness by contrast, and thereby learn to know and love Him better.

So as you continue your journey through this life, allow Him to reveal Himself to you in whatever ways and facets He desires. You’ll run out of time long before you run out of facets of yourself or of God.


May you be blessed with clarity and wisdom regarding which of your facets need to get to know your God. And may you be blessed with His unfailing love reaching out to you in every facet of Himself.

Come in, come in, and know me better, man!” the Spirit of Christmas Present in The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

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Because mankind was created in God’s image, we are multifaceted, too. And just like Him, our facets have facets. This can get as complicated or be as simple as you need it to be. Some of us need to break it down more, others don’t. Still others need to see lots of facets in one area and only a few in another. Whatever is best for you will be shown to you by Holy Spirit, if you ask Him.

To give you an idea of how the facets concept works, let’s take an average human. This human has (for starters) a:

  • physical facet
  • mental facet
  • emotional facet
  • spiritual facet
  • relational facet

But each of these can be broken down into more facets. The physical facet, for instance, includes:

  • health of the body, including nutrition and disease
  • use of the body – for running track, mopping floors, or rocking babies
  • maintenance of the body – exercise, brushing teeth, bathing, etc.

For some of us, this sounds too nitpicky, but you’d be amazed at how unbalanced we can be in just this physical facet!

For example – person A takes care of their body by eating right, but doesn’t exercise. Person B is very athletic, but doesn’t think about what they put in their mouth. And neither of them flosses their teeth.

So sometimes we need to take it down into the smaller facets to work on some things we’ve neglected; other facets we can just maintain, because we’ve got them working well.

To use the examples above – person A doesn’t need to work on the nutrition facet but needs to develop the exercise one. And vice versa for person B. And they both need to work on taking care of their teeth.


I know this sounds simplistic, and it is. But it can also be quite complicated, and sometimes confusing, if a certain idea, habit, sin, or bondage overlaps into more than one facet. To stick to the physical facet example: a person might need to work on their weight, but this can be more than just paying attention to what they eat or how much they exercise. It can also include emotional, mental or even spiritual reasons for the weight problem. This is where we need to listen to Holy Spirit very closely.

Sometimes it will feel like you are dealing with the same thing again! “But we just got that straightened out!!” Yes, you did. But in only one facet. Let’s say you saw the emotional reason why you had a certain eating habit, and were set free from it. However, you then may need to work on the physical habit of the actual consumption of that food.

People who have quit smoking are aware that it is more than just a physical addiction to nicotine. There are emotional facets affected, too, like the feeling of calm some get from smoking. But another facet of the physical addiction can be the actual physical habit – reaching for a cigarette after a meal, or while on the phone. (One hand picks up the phone, the other automatically reaches for a cigarette.) So the mental and emotional habits need to be broken, and the physical addiction to the nicotine, plus the patterns of behavior – the habit.

Some people have all these facets dealt with at one time, while for others, the changes happen in stages. However He works in you, let Him do it. Let Him take all the time you need, so the changes and wholeness will be complete. Don’t beat yourself up over how long something’s taking.


One of our enemy’s favorite lies is the one that says you didn’t ‘get it’ last time, so you must ‘go around the mountain again’. About the third time around, he’ll slip in this lie: “you haven’t overcome the thing after all these tries, so what makes you think you will this time?” Many of us give up at that point, allowing him to deceive us back into bondage.

But the truth is that you did overcome it – in one facet. Now you are dealing with it in another facet. Some things will affect us in every part of ourselves, some in only one or two facets. Sometimes Father performs an instant healing across the whole person, and sometimes He only deals with one or two facets at a time, until we are finally whole.

Next time you feel defeated because you are dealing with something you thought was already healed/fixed, ask Holy Spirit to show you the truth about the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if He showed you that it was fixed last time – in one area – and you are now working on it in a different facet.


There are several reasons why some things take longer to be worked out than others.

The most common one is that this particular sin/bondage is layered. When something goes back into early childhood, you may have decades of it being reinforced. So each layer might need to be peeled away to get at the one underneath, and the one under that, etc, until you get to the root of it. (This is not always the case, though. For some people, some situations, Father God cuts right to the root, and brings instant wholeness.)

That brings us to the second most common reason why healing often takes time. If what you were born to do includes bringing His truth and wholeness to others in that particular area (to use previous examples – smoking or overeating) then He may want you to go through the process slowly so that you will see all the little facets that can be affected. This enables you to help others more effectively. When someone says to you, “I feel this way”, and you can say, “yeah, I know that one”, then they are more open to what you are saying about His truth for that situation. (Ain’t God good?!?!)


If you have focused for most of your life on just one facet of yourself – the mental or the physical are the most common – then you will probably need to catch up in other facets in order to attain wholeness. Example: The athlete who is injured in a way that ends the athletic career may have to cultivate/develop their mental facet to find a new career, while the ‘egghead’ who spent their whole life wrapped up in a pile of books, or lost in cyberspace, may one day find themselves with physical problems, due to neglect of their body and health.

How much better off we would be if we developed all our facets equally! And how few of us have done that, or even knew we could!

Thankfully, our Father knows us well, and desires to ‘grow us up’ in every facet of every facet. He cares about your physical, emotional, mental, and relational facets just as much as He cares about your spiritual one! If you allow Him to, He will show you which facets need work, and will help you work on them.


May you begin to become more balanced and whole between and within your facets. And may you allow Holy Spirit to reflect His truth to others through you, so they can experience wholeness, too.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. (3 John 2)

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