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How many of us really believe that is true?

Do you believe that God is good?


Down in the bottom of your heart, isn’t there a part that believes that He is only good as long as you do what He wants?

Or He is only good to certain (perfect/blond/tall/skinny/smart/ordained/etc) people?

Or maybe that dark corner harbors the belief that God isn’t good at all, but because He is the big, powerful Creator, we better obey His rules.

We all were born into satan’s kingdom, into his brainwashing, which constantly tells us that God isn’t really good, He can’t be trusted, and He withholds the really good stuff from us.

Same lie he’s been telling since Eden’s garden, with the same effect – we all struggle to believe in His goodness.

And we can’t trust Him if we don’t believe He is good.


Few of us are aware of how deep this foundational lie runs, or how thoroughly it’s entwined into the very fabric of our psyches.

We just run from God at every opportunity, rejecting everything about Him.

Even when Holy Spirit reveals God’s love for us and His desire to have a relationship with us, and we accept Him into our lives, we can still believe this lie.

So we put ourselves into the chains of religion – all those ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ we are told are His will for His children.

Or we continue to hide from Him in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds, while outwardly ‘following Him’.

Or both. Or more. There are so many ways we live out our belief that He can’t be trusted.


What we believe about the goodness of God, whether He can be trusted or not, has a direct influence on what we believe about all the facets of our lives.

Only Holy Spirit can show you what you really believe, and what the truth really is. But it’s interesting to ask a few questions.

For instance, if you are having a problem with a coworker or family member, who do you talk to about it? Do you talk to God, or to someone (anyone) else?

What about when you are having a really good time on vacation – do you share your joy with God? Or do you hide it, feeling like maybe He’d be angry that you were having fun?

And then there’s the question of money – do you believe God wants you to have any?

Love – what about that? Do you think God wants you to have a good marriage?

And life – do you believe God wants you to have an abundant life, or a life of pain and suffering?

Our lack of belief in the goodness of God, combined with our feelings of unworthiness, keep us locked in to satan’s bondage. And create more and stronger bondage as time goes on, unless and until Holy Spirit begins to reveal Truth to us.

It is only as we begin to see that He is good, that we begin to trust Him enough to really have the kind of relationship with Him that He desires. A relationship that gives us peace and joy.


May Holy Spirit reveal to you the truth about God’s character, His love for you, and His desire for your good.

May every lie be broken that keeps you from believing His Truth and trusting in His goodness.

And may your relationship with Him grow deeper and broader the more you trust Him.


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We hear this word now and then, but what does it really mean?

‘He left a lasting legacy’ often eulogizes dead politicians and wealthy people, referring to the changes they made in society, or their contributions to charitable foundations.

But did you know that you are creating your children’s legacy every day?

Legacy refers not only to the wealth we leave for our descendants, or what we do to affect or change society, it refers to whatever we leave for our children.

We leave emotional and spiritual legacies far more often than we leave financial ones.


If you’ve been in church for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the scripture verses about the sins of the fathers being passed down to the nth generation. And that’s certainly true. Whatever habits we establish, whatever sins we become slaves to, whatever lies we believe about God will get passed down to our children and to their children, and theirs, etc.

But the opposite is also true! (Thank God!!) Whatever truths we embrace, whatever habits we cultivate, whatever virtues we live, will get passed down as well.

And this works across all the facets! Good habits of physical health get passed down. Bad habits regarding the saving or spending of money get passed down. Habits of hiding your emotions, or allowing them to spew out over everyone in sight, get passed down too. Relationship patterns are handed down, and many other beliefs, patterns and behaviors.


Our culture encourages us to think only about ourselves, and only as far as next year’s vacation. So, few of us deliberately set out to create a legacy for our children. We’re too busy ‘spending their inheritance’ (to quote a bumper sticker). I don’t mean we are spending money that could be invested in their future (although that might certainly be a part of it). What we are doing is spending our energy and time in ways and on things that create a poor future for them.

How much time do we invest each day in our children’s future? Do we listen to their worries, dreams, ideas, concerns? Do we teach them what we know about money, cooking,  yard work, or getting along with others? Are we showing them how to have a relationship with God, and with a spouse?

Truthfully, you are building all those things every day, whether you spend time at them or not. Even the ignoring of certain elements of life builds a foundation in children.

What are you creating as the legacy your children will build their lives on?


Recently, Father God has been showing me the legacy I received from my parents. There was no money, no stocks or real estate, left to me, but my parents’ legacy to me is better than I thought. The core value of giving that my Mom instilled is so strong that I can’t stand not being able to give. The practical stuff they taught me about how to use tools, fix things, figure out how to do something, is invaluable. The entrepreneurship that my Dad exhibited by selling stuff at the flea market every weekend for several years is actually already being built on by my children. So many things they laid down for me to use!

And yes, we’ve spent quite some time looking at the negative things they laid down, too. Poverty thinking, bad spending patterns, worth issues, have all come under God’s hands to be restored, repaired, changed, or tossed out.

The really cool thing is that, as I get free of the bad parts of my legacy, my children are set free too! In fact, I’ve learned to specifically pray for these things to be changed in me, my children, their children, and theirs, all the way to the end of history. And I see change in them almost immediately in many areas!

My children are all grown, so don’t think it’s too late to change the legacy you are leaving them. If you ask Father God to show you ways to improve that legacy, He will!


As we enter this new year, this new decade, may you take the time to examine the legacy you are leaving for your children and their children.

May Father God reveal to you what needs to be changed, what doesn’t, and how you can begin to deliberately lay a good foundation for your family’s future in every facet.

May this be the year you build with gold and precious gems, rather than ‘wood, hay and stubble’.

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Lack is an open mouth . . .

Greedy, wanting . . .

Never satisfied . . .

Never enough!

An insatiable hunger . . .

An unquenchable thirst . . .

Greedy arms reaching out.

Never enough!

No matter how much it gets . . .

How full its throat . . .

How sated its belly . . .

Never enough!

Not enough’, it screams over and over.

And the heart where it resides

Writhes in torment.

Never enough!

Fear and anger and greed

And pain live in there too.

These are its brothers.

Never enough!

User” . . . “Lazy” . . .

Pig” . . . “Thief”. . .

Those around cry out . . .

Why is it never enough for you?”

But none looks beneath . . .

To see the pain, the fear

The heart in chains to

Never enough!

Oh, but God . . .

Loving Father God . . .

He sees . . . He knows . . .

Why never enough!

He comes . . .

He fills . . .

He loves …

And He is enough!

The chains are broken . . .

The lies destroyed . . .

And the heart can rest,

For He is enough.

Oh, beloved . . .

Come and see . . .

Taste and know . . .

He is enough!

Let Him fill you up . . .

Let Him break the chains . . .

Heal the wounds . . .

Let Him be enough!

He is fullness . . .

Satiation …

Love and trust and joy.

He is enough!

He is enough . . .

I say it again . . .

And again and again . . .

He is enough!


Father God showed me something recently.  Lots of people are talking about the ‘law of prosperity‘, both Christians and not. But if there is a law of prosperity, there must be a corresponding and opposite law.

Which, He showed me, there is – the ‘law of lack’.

This is a law we’ve lived under since the Fall. “There isn’t enough … food/money/time/love” … you fill in the blanks. And it’s a LIE!!! There is enough, and more than enough, of EVERYTHING!

God is, among other things, the Creator of abundance. Nothing He made is skimpy. Insects, though the smallest creatures on the planet, are the most numerous. There are more of them than of all the other life forms put together. Abundance!

How about the sheer variety of creatures on this planet? Or the gazillions of stars in our universe? Just for this one little planet, so us tiny little humans could look up at night and wonder! Abundance!

Now, I’m not saying we should all run out and start wasting time, resources, money, love. We should be wise stewards. But what we are doing right now – hoarding those things, doling them out reluctantly and piecemeal – is an affront to the Creator of abundance. It’s calling Him a liar!

Part of our attitude springs from the realization that some resources are not renewable. So we’ve made changes: don’t clear-cut the whole forest; replant, so the next generation will have some; use water and finite resources responsibly.

Good! We’ve learned to be good stewards.

But we’ve gone too far, if we live like there’s not enough of whatever for us personally.

* * *

Make no mistake! The law you believe in will work in your life. Romans 6:16 says, “to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are”. As long as we believe and live under the law of lack, we will have lack in our lives, and it will rule us! Uck!!! (The New KJV says slaves, instead of servants. Ain’t that the truth! Then there’s the sowing and reaping thing – Gal. 6:8 just took on a whole new meaning!)

Borrowing on credit is living in the law of lack.  Buying used can be, it depends on your attitude. Are you buying used out of fear of not having enough money for something else? Are you settling for less, because you don’t believe you deserve better?

Or are you buying used because there is no need to be as wasteful as most Americans are, or to lose half the value of that new car once you drive it off the lot? (The last can still be a wrong attitude, if you value the value of something more than its usefulness.)

Which brings up another way to live under the law of lack: buying the best, or a certain brand, because that proves your worth, either personally or financially. That’s still lack mentality. It’s trying to compensate for a belief in your lack of personal worth.

This covers so many areas of our lives! Money, yes, big time! But also love, respect, acceptance, even time. Yeah, I know, you can’t turn back the clock, yet on two different occasions in the OT, God did just that!

* * *

So, do I know I have abundance of time, money, love, acceptance, respect, forgiveness? Or do I believe I must ration or fight for these things?

Jesus Himself said (in John 10:10) that He came to give us abundant life!

I repeat, I’m not advocating wasting time or money or love. We need to be responsible. And some of us will be asked by our Father’s call on our lives to do without certain things. (A missionary to the cardboard villages in the town dump somewhere in Mexico probably should not drive a Rolls to get there.) But that should be a voluntary, joyful choice we make out of love for Him and those we are sent to help (II Cor. 9:7). If we live in lack out of fear or unbelief, we are not living the abundant life He died to give us. Rather, we are living under satan’s laws.

* * *

When the children of the kingdom finally get this, look out! There will be no lack in the King’s house, and every plan He has will go forward unimpeded by financial issues! This is the real secret! You can’t talk about the Law Of Prosperity, until people understand that they live under the Law Of Lack.  We can begin to truly live under the law of the Spirit of (abundant) life in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:2, John 10:10) only when we stop living under the law of lack.

This is the underlying truth that allows us to live a giving life; to be just like our Father in heaven (see Matt. 5:45).

* * *

May you reject the Law Of Lack, and all its lies and works and wrong beliefs.

May Father God teach you to live in His abundance!

And may He show you how to be a good steward without slipping back into believing in lack.

“When you’re dealing with the infinite, you can never take more than your share.” (quote by somebody named Thubbard, I think.)

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True confession time! I have two addictions –

Chocolate — preferably European, with nuts, if you’re planning on a gift ; – )

And books— fiction, nonfiction, puzzle, coloring; just about everything (except science fiction and horror – yuck!).

If there’s extra money in my pocket, it is likely to be spent on one of these two things. And when it comes to books, I have been known to spend money that wasn’t extra. (Oops.)


Both these addictions started so early that I can’t remember being without them. The chocolate probably came from Germany, where I was born and celebrated my first two Christmases.

The books came from my Mom, who read a lot, and read to us when we were little, and probably personally filled two libraries with the books she gave away over the years.


Many people think I waste too much time on both these things, even though I have become efficient at combining them, so as not to lose any reading time.

But I have learned a lot from books! Not only how to spell and how to write, but also other stuff:

From fairy tales I learned: we all live happily ever after; in the end, good triumphs and evil loses; that Cinderella went to the ball three nights, wearing a different gorgeous dress each time (clothes are important!); and that good things can come to you even if people mistreat you or you’re not beautiful or rich (but you must be kind!); good wins, evil loses.

From children’s adventure books, I learned: no matter what your age, if you use your brain, and don’t panic, you can do it; we all need friends to help us from time to time; the world is full of wonderful things and places to explore, people to help, and mysteries to solve; good wins, evil loses.

From westerns, I learned: handle the hard stuff; stand up for what’s right; respect women; fight your own battles; protect the weak; might does not make right; if good people do nothing, evil triumphs, so do something; good wins, evil loses.

From mysteries, I learned: be sure your sin will find you out; evil people are so arrogant that inevitably they go too far and expose themselves (just like Satan getting Jesus onto the cross – BIG mistake, dude!!); everybody has something to hide because we’re all sinners; murder doesn’t pay, neither does any other kind of crime; yet again, good wins, evil loses.

From romances, I learned: yes, I am like most women! We all want to be loved, to feel secure, to be the most important thing/person in someone’s life; that relationships are the most important area of a woman’s life; that a woman can be strong, yet like having a man to lean on now and then (it’s not so good the other way around, though); good triumphs, evil gets its just comeuppance; and, yes, sex (good sex, anyway) takes longer than 10 minutes for a woman.


In and around all those genres, I read a lot of nonfiction, too, which covers so many topics it can’t really be categorized. A couple stand out, though.

I went through a period where I read a lot of history. From that I learned:

There’s nothing new under the sun; morals and manners change, culture may be different, but humans are still humans – sinful, broken, longing for something they don’t know/can’t find; heart motivations don’t change from century to century, culture to culture, continent to continent – we all want to be loved and accepted unconditionally; there are lots of ways humans try to achieve/receive their heart goals, but most of them are wrong and destructive; women have been mistreated in every age and every culture on the planet; in real life, good doesn’t win that often, and evil wins waaayyy too much.

Another category that stands out is self-help stuff. I read a lot of ‘Christian’ self-help books over the years – trying to fix my marriage, trying to fix myself, trying to understand either or both of those things. What I learned from self-help books is this: you can read all the books you want, but until God Himself gives you a personal revelation – makes it real to you – nothing will work. And when He does, through whatever means, then the change is immediate, impossible to ignore, and the fruit lasts.


When Father God reveals something to you, it might be through one of those ’Christian’ self-help books, but it’s just as likely to be through something else – a song on the radio, a TV show, something you overhear at the store. He’s revealed truth to me through all those things, but mostly through books. The books that have shown me truth, and have changed my views of God, myself, life and the world, include books from most of the genres and categories I’ve read.

The books in and of themselves aren’t important, rather what Father God showed me through them is: the western that He used to show me His unfailing love and care for me, even when I was avoiding Him; the romances where the man actually cared more about the woman than himself; the fairy tales where love sets the prince or princess free; the historical accounts of normal people like me, who listened to God and impacted those around them, or even the whole world; good Christian fiction that shares truth in a way unparalleled except in the Bible — Madeleine L’Engle, Hannah Hurnard, C.S. Lewis. I can’t even begin to enumerate all the truth I’ve found in Narnia; there’s so much in there that I still reread them now and then, finding new stuff every time.


I went into all this for two reasons: I wanted to warn you that since I’ve been reading for almost 50 years, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of quotes or ideas from other writers in this blog. We are what we read! And I’ve read a lot!

Second, “the truth is out there!” you’ll find little snippets of it in the most likely and unlikely places. So don’t discount something that speaks truth to you, just because it’s not ‘Christian’. Allow Him to reveal Himself and His truth to you in whatever way He chooses. After all, He knows you, and knows what will make sense, strike a chord, in your heart and mind. (That doesn’t mean you should get a subscription to Playboy/girl, or sign up for all those cable channels or websites of filth! remember – you are what you read/watch. and you may be very sure your sin will find you out! even if the detective doesn’t find the clue, your life will show it in how you treat yourself and others!)

Conversely, don’t accept everything you hear/read that’s ‘Christian’ just because it’s ‘Christian’. The best lie starts with the truth and twists it half a notch. And Satan saves his most damaging lies for the pulpit, not the porn site.


May you be blessed with truth from Him, through whatever medium He chooses, knowing that ‘He who began a good work in you will finish it’. (

And check out my page of Recommended Reading.)

A young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading. (C.S. Lewis)

P.S. some of you are snarling rude things under your breath because I read romances. Well, get over it. This is such a huge market because it speaks to the fundamental needs of women. No man ever will be able to meet every heart need of any woman, because some of those needs belong only to God. Instead of condemning women who read this type of fiction, introduce them to their Creator, who can meet every one of their needs, including giving them a good husband.

And yes, I read books that have explicit love scenes. When I first started reading romances, I avoided those, feeling like a voyeur. But then, during my recovery process after the divorce, I did read some of them. This was a life-changing experience for me, as the MIHM (man I had married) had convinced me that I was not a normal woman. But romances told me differently! I got a lot of healing from those books! These days, I skip the explicit parts, having learned that there’s no point in thinking about something that I can’t have, and still feeling that it’s too voyeuristic.

If ‘Christian’ romances ever reach the caliber of writing, plot and characterization of non-Christian writers, I’ll gladly give up the latter, and the explicit sex scenes.

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