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I’ve been thinking about healing a lot lately, as a couple of my friends have been dealing with some major health problems, and I have some health issues, too.

The Bible clearly states, in at least two places, that we were healed by the beating Jesus took right before He was crucified.

So it’s a done deal!

Finished, as He said (John 19:30).

Why then are some of us still sick? And don’t give me that stuff about Paul’s thorn in the flesh – God treats each of us differently, because we are each unique. So what’s needed with one of His children isn’t necessarily what works with others. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ here.

* * *

This last weekend, Holy Spirit showed me something I had believed since childhood, that had kept me unhealed most of my life.

I started wearing glasses when I was 8. The first week or so, I had horrible headaches. My clearest memory from that time is of my Mom rocking me, with a cold compress on my eyes.

What He showed me was that I agreed to have bad vision because it meant that I could receive this kind of love and attention from my Mom. (After all, how many mothers are still rocking their children when they’re eight years old?)

So I have worn glasses ever since, and my vision has gotten progressively worse, as I was told it would.

And yet, Holy Spirit also showed me that good vision is my birthright in Christ!

* * *

So even though my eyesight was healed two thousand years ago, because I made an agreement with bad vision as a child, in an attempt to have my needs met, I still don’t walk in perfect eyesight!

How stupid is that! Furthermore, He began to show me how this basic belief had shaped my whole life – other health issues, my relationships with parents, children, husband, and even God!

No wonder I expected to ‘pay’ for God’s love somehow – to have to suffer, or go through hard times, or .. something!

This was not the belief that I had to earn my salvation, or His love. I know better than that! He loves freely, and gives freely. It was more a sense of having to ‘pay the piper’. That we get happiness by living through pain first.

UGH!!!! This is really masochism!

And it’s demon dung!

Straight from the lies of satan!

And I refuse to believe it any more!

* * *

As you go through the next few days, may Holy Spirit show you if there are any places where you have made an agreement with sickness or pain, in an attempt to get your needs met.

And may He show you that all your needs are met in Jesus Christ, so that you can stop striving to get them met on your own.

May He also set you free of every lie, every vow, and every belief that keeps you from walking in the total healing (body, soul and spirit) that Jesus paid a horrific price to give you!


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