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Self – ishness

If you have been around Christian circles for any length of time, you have run into the concept of ‘dying to self’. I’m not really gonna get into that right now, but self is a huge issue in the church. We all struggle with it, in one way or another. Well, here’s another aspect of self  for you to ponder.

* * *

The other day, I ran into a person whom I’ve known for a couple of years. And the longer I know her, the more she sets my teeth on edge. Well, I finally realized why — she’s self-satisfied! Many of you are saying “whaaaa?” or “So what?!”

Well, I’ll tell you ‘so what’.

First, my definition – being self-satisfied means that you think your life is so good, you don’t see anyone else’s need.  This is what’s been irritating me about this person. She rolls through life as if it’s perfect, as if there are no problems. Here I am, struggling to stay afloat, striving to be free to flourish, and she just floats along, smugly sure that all is well with the world for everyone.

Okay, that sounds like I’m just jealous. I’m not.  I have another friend, who also has a comfortable life, but still seeks God with all her heart, spends time interceding for nations, and helping others. The smoothness of her life has not blinded her to the needs of others. She isn’t self-satisfied, she’s Christ-satisfied (for lack of a better term). Her, I’m jealous of.

* * *

I guess some would say that what I’m really talking about is complacency. But to me, complacency isn’t as blind to others as self-satisfaction. Complacency hasn’t necessarily forgotten the hard times. Complacency may just be so complacent because it does remember, and is thrilled to be out of those times.

The sad thing is, this woman is in a position of leadership in her church; she’s responsible for a ministry designed to help others. But if she can’t see anyone’s need, how effective will that ministry be?

* * *

May Holy Spirit show us if we have any areas of self-satisfaction or complacency, and help us to root out this nasty weed.

May His compassion for the hurting and lost be our compassion as well. May we never get so comfortable that we forget that others may be hanging on by their fingernails.

And if you are in a place of  pain or doubt or fear, may Holy Spirit bring one or two of His true children to surround you with His love and care, and help you to know that you are His beloved child.

Matt. 18:12


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